EMC Testing

Need help and guidance on EMC testing and techniques? These are the pages for you:


There is currently two way of meeting the EMC requirements, the one that you will be familiar with is testing.  There are two types of testing that being full compliance and pre-compliance, both methods can be used but with pre-compliance testing you will self-certify that you meet the EMC requirements.  Stone compliance services have worked with many test houses over the years and can quickly find the best one for your project.  There are few technical factors that must be taken into consideration, not all test houses offer the same service level and without experience it is difficult to compare like for like.

The Test Plan

A test plan is a very important document for keeping control over the EMC costs. If you are not familiar with customer test plans, we can give you practical assistance. Test criteria are for the customer to decide not the test house.  If you approach an EMC test house with a professional plan, you will get the testing you need.