Welcome to EMC Compliance

This web site will give you information, tips and advice on the following:

Advice and tips on EMC design

Yes this web site will be offering tips and advice on all EMC fixes, Design and Implementation into your products.  We will be showing how to use decoupling, screening and more.

Standards and directives

What standards should I use? what directive to I have to comply with? We will offer a full list of standards and titles, what is appropriate for which product/applications and more.  Remember for the UK we will have to also look after the UKCA regulations, again we will give as much information as we can.

Its not just EMC, we will be covering LVD, RED, UKCA, Machinery, SEMI and more..


From the 1st January 2021 England, Wales and Scotland will be replacing the CE mark for the new UKCA for most products within GB market, the UKCA mark stands for (United Kingdom Conformity Assessed).

Ireland and Northern Ireland Protocols mean that any product placed onto the market within Northern Ireland will have to continue to meet relevant EU rules and CE marking.

  • The UKCA mark comes into effect on the 1st Jan 2021
  • The principle of self-certification and third-party assessments established under EU legislation is unchanged
  • CE marking within the GB market will continue to be accepted until 31st December 2021 for most products, this is assuming that GB and EU rules do not change
  • There is no mutual recognition of marks between the UK and EU
  • From the 1st Jan 2021 assessments from EU appointed Notified Bodies within the UK will no longer be accepted in the EU and certificates issued will cease to be valid
  • UK based Notified Bodies will cease and will automatically become UK Approved Bodies.  Actives carried out will be the same but under UK regulations
  • CE marking continues for Nothern Ireland and Europe using the self certification route

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Electrical Safety and the Law

The LVD, or low voltage directive – 2014/35/EU applied to all electrical equipment powered from 50 to 1000Vac, or 75 – 1000V dc. The low Voltage Directive was originally introduced in 1973, this was then later modified by the CE marking directive under the ‘New Approach’ to allow the free movement of goods within the EU community.

Just like other directives, it was transposed into national law for all member states. LVD is not just for conformity, it’s there to protect your business.

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